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Ai in eCommerce– artificial intelligence(AI) has frequently been in the news due to how it is portrayed in popular culture and the hype surrounding it. This also implies that there are several research and reports available that detail its growth and performance.

To gain a quantitative understanding of how AI is being incorporated into eCommerce businesses and the numbers organizations can use to make better decisions in 2022, we have aggregated this data into four main categories of AI performance.

Lasting User Experiences

Conversion is the most important objective for e-businesses. With Ai in eCommerce, You can build customized experiences that leave a lasting impression and increase conversation rates.

Optimized Business Processes

Having the best business processes in place enables you to keep up with demand and ever-changing business conditions. Such as optimizing inventory cycles to avoid stock shortages at any cost.

Automated Support Services

Customer service cannot be provided 24/7 by retail or support workers; instead, AI-powered bots are used to route customers, respond to the most frequent questions, and assist customers.

Use Cases


With the use of visual search-powered product recommendations, increase conversions. In order to decrease bounce rates, boost average cart purchase amounts, and boost sales, give customers the option to search for products using photos and relevant product recommendations.


Make it simple for your customers to find your products online by greatly improving SEO both on-site and off-site using data labeling. Use our computer vision models to automatically label your visual data with relevant keywords and make it search-friendly.


Moderating user-generated content will help you make sure your brand policies are followed. Automatically alert you to content in user-generated photographs, videos, or texts that don’t comply with your brand. To prevent information from being published that damages your brand, look for text and image feedback from customers.


Delight your users and customers by leveraging NLP, utilizing sentiment analysis and text classification to recognize the intent and sentiment of text in social posts, user reviews, and email communications. Through social listening powered by AI, with Ai in eCommerce you can receive your customers’ opinions directly.


Make the most of chatbots’ efficiency and enhance customers’ overall experiences to achieve more. Utilize natural language processing (NLP) to detect intent in text data and reply to customers’ inquiries successfully. By recognizing many emotions and events during one customer service contact or session, improved purchasing experiences can be created.

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