Benefits of Affordable Web designs

Web designing comes in all types of budgets, designs and packages. You need to find the best suited to your website and your budget. If your budget is slim and you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars in creating a high-tech website, 99GraphicDesigns will help you in providing affordable web designs with minimum cost and maximum output. Affordable web design has a variety o... Read more

Best web design tips for small businesses

A website is the digital home of your business. Without a website, the customers don’t know where to go even though they want your product or service. Here are some tips for web design practices for small business, startups and beginners.

  1. Your audience is your target
You do not exist without your audience. It is the relationship between you and your customers. Your web design should be moulded according to your target audience. ... Read more

Why WordPress?

Want to make a website? Here is the solution. You can easily make a website with WordPress. WordPress has been helping over 130,000 people of all ages and people having different skill levels. Anyone can download WordPress for free and can easily build any kind of website without any restriction. Things will be easier to handle with 99GraphicsDesign now by your side. WordPress was launched in 2003 it is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and... Read more

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