Benefits of Affordable Web designs

Web designing comes in all types of budgets, designs and packages. You need to find the best suited to your website and your budget. If your budget is slim and you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars in creating a high-tech website, 99GraphicDesigns will help you in providing affordable web designs with minimum cost and maximum output.

Affordable web design has a variety of features and comes with their own set of benefits besides being affordable.

  1. Ideal for small business and start-ups

When you are just beginning to make your digital presence or just starting a new business, then you should go for an affordable web plan instead of spending thousands of dollars in the first go.

Initially, you need to set up a basic website which is professional to look and attracts users but does not need all the plug-ins. So it is advisable to look for a cheap web design initially and then upgrade to a better version after your sales start coming in. 

  1. Professional yet simple design

Affordable web designs are simple yet professional in their design which gives a clutter-free look. The website becomes user-friendly and becomes easily navigable. The minimalistic design of the website mainly focuses on your products and services. The web-designers give a clean design which is not complex but looks professional with background images, use of saturated and vibrant colours and easily readable text.

  1. Fast loading time

The web designs apply same design and layout to all the pages which makes the website faster and more responsive. It adds speed to the website making it more attractive to users even with a slow internet connection.

You can use PageSpeed insights by Google to check the loading time of your website. A fast loading website also attracts higher SEO rankings by Google. 

  1. Low maintenance cost

A simple design is easy to maintain and easy to update. You can always update fresh content on your website easily which appeals to your users. Simplicity also helps your users to follow your updates without difficulty. This minimalistic design is a huge success in commercial goods industry, that too at affordable prices.

  1. SEO techniques

Affordable web design gives you the basic feature of Search engine optimization and helps in increasing your rankings in the search engines. Fast loading time, keywords, freshly updated content, easy access all help in increasing the ranking and making your website more searchable.

  1. Upgrade anytime

The best part of a cheap webs design is that you can upgrade it anytime easily. Once your business gets started and you are confident about your audience, you can slowly upgrade your website and give it a refreshing new design.


Affordable web design is simply making a website on a budget but it should be noted that the quality is not compromised and the users are attracted towards the website even with a simple design. Not everything that shines is gold. Every expensive website does not always attract customers, but creativity and easy to navigate design does.

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