Best web design tips for small businesses

A website is the digital home of your business. Without a website, the customers don’t know where to go even though they want your product or service. Here are some tips for web design practices for small business, startups and beginners.

  1. Your audience is your target

You do not exist without your audience. It is the relationship between you and your customers. Your web design should be moulded according to your target audience.

You should always remember that you are not creating your website for yourself but for the convenience of your customers. So identify your audience and make your web design easy for them to use and serving their purpose.

  1. Easy Access

Today 60% of the websites are searched through mobile phones, so it is very crucial that your website is mobile friendly and easily accessible to all the visitors.

You should ensure that people with a slow interest connection especially in the rural areas are able to open your website. You should keep the web design consistent throughout the website so that it takes less transition time and increase accessibility. 

  1. Your Homepage is your first impression

You should always display your products and services on the homepage so the user exactly knows what you are offering. If the user does not get what he is looking for easily, he will jump to another website.

Also, you should not always portray all your products on the homepage. The tip is to showcase the main items which pique the interest of the user and compels him to explore all the pages of your website. 

  1. Readable Font size

The user will skim through your headlines, look at the photos and will briefly look at the content. If the headline is engaging, they only he will spend time on your website and show an interest in your products and services. One must use large readable fonts in the web design for the content as they are easy to read and gets the information to the user easily.

Although a simple tip, it is very effective in making small businesses a success. You should look at the websites of your successful competitors and consider the best font size you prefer.

  1. Action Buttons should be clear

Your website should be well-structured and not cluttered with photos and different kinds of fonts. You should direct the user directly to the information. The action buttons and links on your website should be clear and easily noticeable. The labels should also be correct, don’t confuse the user with marketing jargon. Keep it simple yet responsive. 

  1. Content is always important

Last but not the least, content is always the main point which forces the visitors to spend time on your website. It always has a major role in SEO techniques and the better your content is, the higher ranking you will get.

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